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Chakra Series 2: Muladhara

Hey Lovely Balanced Souls!

I actually started this series awhile back, focused on dieties in the chakra system, and I want to continue/expand on that NOW!

So here is the link to the goddess post on the Divinity expressing itself at our Root Chakra 

I would like to add that, at the our Root, we encounter a Strength of Existence and Persistence in the physical world that is beautifully embodied by Durga, the warrior goddess in Hinduism.  She helps us know when to engage an opponent, and when to let it go. The Root Chakra is where we decide HOW to exist, and WHICH issues we want to engage in, lessons to learn, which demons to work with this time around.

We also have the seat of Kundalini energy at Muladhara. Kundalini is a coiled serpent that rests over the first chakra, and holds the energy, or nectar, or enlightenment, quiet until we are ready to unlock it. If we unlock it before we are ready, we can go a little nuts, so the serpent sleeps sweetly. As we practice yoga (especially, well, Kundalini yoga), we unlock the serpent and therefore the nectar of enlightenment so it travels up the spine and into the brain and higher chakras over time. For this reason, I feel that Naga (pl. Nagini) goddesses are absolutely a guardian and power animal of our Root. Nagini are snake goddesses, from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. They are associated with wisdom, evolving knowledge, and rebirth (as skins are shed, we emerge into new forms of Self).

The Muladhara Chakra is concerned with issues of material reality, and our right to Exist on Earth. Here is where we either feel secure or fearful. When we are having trouble manifesting our ideal lives, not feeling safe in the world, or feeling dissociated from our body in some way, we need to heal this center. This is where I always begin my meditation and healing, mainly because in our society, we do not spend consistent time and energy grounding ourSelves, and then we become seriously imbalanced over time.

Healing our Sacred Root:

First of all, there are some gemstones that will help: Carnelian, Red Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Onyx, and Blood Stone are all great choices. You can place these stones on your feet or at the base of your spine while meditating in a seated position. You may feel a gentle pulse or vibration at the level of your Root Chakra, which means you are vibrating in harmony with the crystal you chose. If you don’t feel anything, that’s ok! Just keep the stone around you (in a pocket, or bag, or hand) and use it for meditation for about a month. You will become more sensitive as time goes on.

You can also play in the dirt! Go barefoot, enjoy the earth and how She holds you and ground you.

Rub your feet : ) Or, get a pedicure. Tough life, eh? Increasing sensitivity, flexibility and strength of your feet will activate the (minor) chakras there, which are directly related to the Root Chakra.

Visualize the earth’s energy coming into your bones, and the red marrow of your bones. You may see a red or brown light connecting your legs and feet (all the way from your heart) into the deep Earth, and you can tap into that connection at any time. It will help center you, and soothe you.

You can also practice the Mudra (hand position) for this chakra while you meditate. Simply place the thumb and index finger together, gently, with both hands. You can repeat the mantra (sacred sound) of LAM, emphasizing the L sound if you are doing it aloud, on long exhales. Both of these actions activate the energy at the base of your torso and will increase sensitivity and awareness of your energy here.

This is a great article from Gaiam on yoga poses to open the Root Chakra:

and one more good yoga resource:

Enjoy! Spend some Time here, healing and centering. The next chakra will be in a week or so, but I encourage you to work through these centers at your own pace : )

Blessings, Ease and Metta,


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Pillars of Health(1/5): the Foundation

Hey Balanced Souls!

I want to share some information on how we look at ourSelves, our Health, and the Healing process in general.  This info has been really important for people coming in to my office for care, and has opened doors for people in new ways…

May you be inspired, and open to the next thing!

Health can be looked at as a temple, with four pillars holding up the corners, a foundation and a roof. Hunh, just like the body is a temple. (hmmmm…..)

When we understand this analogy, we can really see how important a Balanced life is (and yes, I totally enjoy losing Balance at times, and know that the contrast of ImBalance is just as necessary for us as the peaceful times….but this is the base of what I Know to be True, so just go with it).

So today, I just want to share what the Foundation of the temple is with you. This knowledge can truly help you integrate and understand your BodyMind on a completely new level.  This understanding is the most valuable information I can give you, or anyone, truly.

Let’s look at this Foundation, shall we? It’s the Nervous System. And I know, I’m a chiropractor, so of course I’m going to say that the nervous system is important. Except…my reasons are a bit different than the reasons most chiropractors will give you, I promise.

So here’s what you need to know: the nervous system is divided in a few different ways, and each division helps us know the world, and ourSelves, more deeply. I am not even going to get chatting about what the different parts of the brain are in charge of, but let’s just say that impulse, memory, emotion, speech, movement, balance and our sense of Self in Space all originate in the brain. It’s the Ultimate Integration center, where all the aspects of our Stuff end up getting figured out (from an anatomical perspective, not spiritual or energetic. Let’s keep this convo easy by addressing mostly Western anatomy).

From the brain, we have Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS).  Brain is top of CNS, and the CNS is our core. It happens to be a big ol’ information highway, with an empty (blissfully) center. It is the first part of the nervous system to develop in utero. It’s our core of Strength, Understanding and Integration. When there is an issue at this level, we cannot move. We cannot perceive. We cannot be in the world as well-functioning human Beings.

The PNS is where information goes out to and comes in from the world around us. This is how we give and receive the world around us, and bring it into us, to make it part of us. This is where we feel safe, or learn fear, or share intimacy, or push away. Boundaries are first established in the core, and enacted by the PNS.

The PNS becomes several different branches, all vital for the development of Whole Self. There are the sensory and motor divisions, which (I think you get this, but I’ll spell it out for ya) sense and bring information IN, or express impulses and actions OUTward.

Then we have the Somatic and Autonomic divisions of the PNS. Somatic nerves coordinate and balance our voluntary functions and senses (hearing, touching, etc) and is made of cranial nerves (yep, those are in the skull), spinal nerves (those go to skeletal muscle and joints etc) and everything else that you have voluntary control over. This is nervous system relates to how we CHOOSE to react to the world, our grace, our ability to get away, and survive, etc.

The Autonomic nervous system governs everything you DON’T consciously control: eyes, heart, blood pressure, digestion, elimination, and the function of the glandular bodies (thymus, adrenals, thyroid, ovaries and prostate, coccygeal, pineal, pituitary and pancreas). The ANS is the part of the nervous system that turns on the “flight or flight” nervous system (sympathetic), or the “rest and digest” nervous system (parasympathetic). Both systems cannot be “on” at the same time, as the needs of each system are significant: either you are pumping blood and hormones to your muscles and heart to get away or fight, or you’re pumping blood and (different) hormones to your gut and glands to digest food and heal your body.

Healing cannot happen when we are in Stress Mode (which is equivalent to Survival Mode). How often are you stressed?

We all are stressed. A lot.

So now you know, that when you are stressed, you are NOT healing. You know how your body is organized on its most basic level. And here’s one more tidbit: we only feel/sense/are aware of 5 % of what is going on around us, inside us, and everywhere in between, at any given moment.

Now, this level of awareness can be shifted with intense spiritual practice, but have you ever noticed, that when one is steeped deeply in Enlightenment, that they eschew society on some level? This is because they aren’t as equipped to survive in the way the human form wants itself to survive. Meaning, they are more sensitive to depletion, injury, illness etc…which may not matter to them, but on some level, it matters to the brain, because the brain wants to survive and function as long as possible. We are in general only aware of 5% of stuff because otherwise we would go crazy, literally. We would not be able to interpret what is important, true, and necessary for survival in any given moment.


Where do symptoms and dis-Ease come from? That’s the 5% of stuff we can perceive as being “wrong”. The other 95%, we don’t know about. We don’t sense it. We CANNOT pick up on it…EXCEPT that we DO have ways to making sure the nervous system is functioning at its best. So even though we don’t “feel” dysfunction when it begins, we can “see” it in a nervous system that isn’t functioning properly.

Well, if the nervous system is in charge of everything working with Ease, and in charge of sensing what is working and not working, it’s safe to draw the conclusion that symptoms arise when the nervous system that something is wrong in our BodyMind. And when we make corrections to the nervous system, we actually prevent the dis-eases from manifesting and becoming debilitating.

Dis-Ease occurs over time, due to an imbalance in the nervous system (because when the nerves do not function properly, organs, glands, joints, muscles and EVERYTHING degrade and decline).

Preventing this from occurring is vastly easier than letting symptoms arise, but sometimes there’s an injury, accident, or something else that we weren’t planning on, that causes the body to swing into dysfunction. We can correct that, too. It just takes longer.

And symptoms (remember, the last 5% of a pathological process is when we can FEEL the symptoms) go away first when someone is getting proper care! But the DYSFUNCTION is what we want to feel and balance. That’s why there is such a think as Wellness Care: it’s keeping you OUT of symptoms, keeping your BodyMind functioning as well as possible.

So the foundation (because it both integrates and expresses) of your health is your Nervous System. If it’s not healthy, you are not healthy. If it’s stressed, you are stressed. If it’s talking, and you are not listening, the problem WILL NOT go away! That’s the real kicker: “Oh my pain was really bad and went away on its own.” Right!  Your body compensated for that dysfunction by throwing itself into another type of dysfunction. You will get more symptoms later.

Or, I could adjust you. I could help your body to actually heal itself, and then you won’t deal with this issue any longer. The body, the nervous system, remembers EVERYTHING that has happened. That’s a lot. Can you feel it all right now? Nope! Just the most recent stuff. Hunh. No wonder we think that aging and dis-ease are synonymous.  It’s when years of compensatory patterns rear their ugly heads, and we get sick, hurt, and do not know what healing actually is.

When we get chiropractic care, our nervous system can actually let go of the old patterns of dysfunction, and then handle the stress we are under more efficiently, because it’s no longer burdened by the past.

The releasing of tension, stress and dysfunction from the nervous system is actually SYNONYMOUS with the expansion of Consciousness. It’s a spiritual tool!

As our nervous system functions better, our movement improves, our rest becomes deeper, we easily assimilate nutrients, and our thoughts become clearer, and more optimistic about life in general. In the following posts on this topic, I will explore each of these topics and how they are fed by the nervous system, and how each aspect of health actually feeds the nervous system as well.

In the meantime, call your local chiropractor. Find a friend who was a good recommendation and get yourSelf under care. Why? The chiropractic adjustment is the only way to release that stress from the nervous system. It’s safe for all ages: get your babies checked. Get your granny checked. Every adjustment helps clean up old stress, and prevent further disease.

It can be a tool for spiritual growth, emotional release, stress handling, and immune boosting: always available, even when you are feeling great. This is so powerful!

Stay healthy, stay well,



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Inspiration Monday

This is (part of) one of the most amazing poems. Ever.


This the nucleus—after the child is born of woman, man is born of woman,
This the bath of birth, this the merge of small and large, and the outlet again.
Be not ashamed women, your privilege encloses the rest, and is the exit of the rest,
You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.
The female contains all qualities and tempers them,
She is in her place and moves with perfect balance,
She is all things duly veil’d, she is both passive and active,
She is to conceive daughters as well as sons, and sons as well as daughters.
As I see my soul reflected in Nature,
As I see through a mist, One with inexpressible completeness, sanity, beauty,
See the bent head and arms folded over the breast, the Female I see.

From Uncle Walt, I Sing the Body Electric (number 5). Read the whole thing HERE….please…you won’t be sorry.


Photo: The Goddess Circle

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Head Coverings, Chopping Veggies and Honoring Self

Hey Lovely Balanced Souls!

There are so many Holy Days this time of year, a gal who celebrates it all can get a bit overwhelmed! I am totally enjoying it all: from hamantaschen and Ester, to Easter and Ostara (or even older: Eostre! Ha!)….I bow to it ALL. And, instead of getting caught up in where the traditions diverge and start getting uppity, I tend to move backward in my lineage.

The women in the more traditional sects of my Clan cover their heads, especially after marriage. And nope, I am not married, but sometimes I *do* feel the need to wrap my skull and stay close in to a Divinity that Blesses me constantly. Covering my head makes me feel like I am being held close by She That Breathes Me.

Like each moment of my life is a prayer.

This is true regardless of whether or not I am aware of it or consciously taking part, and some days I want to dance bigger and louder and more actively than others. I facilitate healing: each person who seeks me is suffering, and I open the door to ease. It is Sacred work. It’s easy to forget that.

And when the Holy days come every week, it’s time for me to retreat into a pattern that is older than my cells and blood, and time to get primal: get into the earth, into my body and how She feels, and into clothing my body in ways that are from before time made a name for them.

We are all here, doing something Sacred, that only we can do, and also….forgetting that Truth from time to time. It’s easy to forget when we are in traffic, or everyone forgets their appointments on the same day, or everyone is having a tantrum, or there are a thousand unexpected challenges to navigate. It’s easy to get lost in all of that.

It’s a great time of year to remember, though. Right NOW is the time everything turns new. NOW is when we can renew a commitment to ourSelves, and to the World we live in, to honor that Sacred job we have. Really, the job is simple: to just Love people. Everyone we meet, every single person, is dealing with their shit.

And everyone needs more Love. Less judgement. More laughter. Less blaming. More listening.

How does that fit into your world? What helps you move into that space?

For me, being in the kitchen, over a cutting board full of vegetables and spices…Roots me into the Grounded Space of Self that is only Love. I don’t always have a cutting board and knife available, but when I do, I go to it. I feel misunderstood: I chop. I feel tired: I chop. I feel irritated: I chop. I don’t understand: I chop.

And in the rhythm of the vegetables turning over and into nourishment for soups or dips or salads or whatever…I am returned Home.

What rhythms help you return to yourSelf after you are pulled apart? Do you move your body? Do you use your voice? Do you make art?

Expand those, right now, and explore this new season with an uplifted, open Heart. I dare you. It’s safe.


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Inspiration Monday

Hey Hey Lovely Balanced Souls!

Sometimes, we just gotta Surrender:

I bow
to everything that I don’t understand
to everything that brings me to my knees in surrender
to the burning grief that stretches my heart open
I give thanks for being opened into the essence of love…

Photo: I bow<br />
to everything that I don’t understand<br />
to everything that brings me to my knees in surrender<br />
to the burning grief that stretches my heart open<br />
I give thanks for being opened into the essence of love…</p>
<p><a href=”; src=”; />

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On Transitions and Fear and Growth

Good morning, Balanced Souls!

I have been working through a transition this past month (just a month! So fast!) into a new office space. I manifested every blessed step of the way, and now I am HERE and I am so….appreciative….of the entire process.

And at the same time, I have had to do a fair bit of letting go of Fear, and Worry, and Stress and even some people, who couldn’t or didn’t want to support my Journey. And I had to be OK with that…because I knew that if I carried it INTO the new space, it would be a detriment to me only, and this new space and what I am creating here.

So I let go of all that nonsense.

It struck me, this time (Transition is a space I know well, and each time, it is different and, I *hope*, more Aware), that everything I wanted, I could get. And I did.

Here’s how:

I pretty much made up my mind that I am worth it. And then I let go of the things that tried to tell me otherwise. I decided that enough was enough: I had been dealing with some ideas about wanting to move/change for the past few months, but the issues weren’t big enough to make me Move.

Then, oh that lovely Universe; She kept getting louder! Loud enough that I couldn’t ignore. And so when I finally Listened…like, really Listened, everything became clear to me. I was the ONLY thing standing in my way.

I mean, it was Fear, and Doubt…but I was generating those things, for no really “good” reason. Every time I have leaped in the past, I have landed safely. In yoga teaching, in chiropractic school, and each place I have hopped to after that. Each one was a stepping stone, and each time, I had to take a leap of Faith and let go of the ties that bound me up.

So here is what I let go of, every day, consciously and specifically. Maybe this list will help you let go, too…and see clearly that path that is waiting to be taken and explored.

*Disclaimer! This list (nor any, for that matter) will get you to the ONE place you imagine you will Have It. I don’t know what It is for you…but it’s an illusion. Happiness, Love, Abundance, Health…whatever your It is…it has to come from INSIDE you, first. And once you attain whatever It is, there will be another It, and another and another…because we are meant to continue to Grow and Expand. You will never get it Done. And you will never get it Right. In fact, let’s make this number ONE:

1.Let go of the idea that there is something outside of you to Get, that will mean you have Made It. Think of Making It as an equivalent to Dying. Most of us aren’t ready for that sort of finality on our physical plane. Each point of getting It is just that: another point, a moment to pause, enjoy, and reflect, then begin to Grow again.

2. Let go of the ideas of Success and Failure. Those terms are really generic ways of comparing and judging ourSelves that are learned from outside sources. We need to hit high points and low points. If we don’t hit the lows, we don’t know where to Grow from, nor do we understand the unique quality of our own Journey. Give yourSelf a break. Ignore your teachers, mentors, and anyone who makes you feel “less” than the Individual Spark that you are. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws, and no flaws are better or worse than others. Use them as Tools and stop berating yourSelf.

And on the flip side, the idea of Success can seem scary, like an end-point, or something Too-Big-To Handle. I get this, a lot a lot a lot. Success, however, is not an end point. It’s something we reach daily, just by getting up and participating in Life. Re-define Success for yourSelf and again, ignore the outside voices telling you differently. For me, Success feels like being nourished, abundant, joyful and passionate at the END of a long day. It feels like Love. It feels like a bath of warm water and pure Energy and Unconditional love.

3. Let go of the ways that you THOUGHT things needed to get done in order to work out. In other words: get creative and expand. Ask the Universe for your next idea. Sit in meditation and listen for an answer. Or journal for one. Or do a Shamanic Journey. Find a path and BE OPEN to what presents itself. It might look REALLY different than you thought it would. That’s Good. That means you are going to have to grow a bit to engage in the process. Do it.

4. Let go of trying to please others. Ugh. This one, is a big one. We ALL have people that we love and want to make proud, or please, or something…and really, that pressure doesn’t help us get shit done. At all. The Motivating Force behind ANY action is, ideally and essentially, “this will make me feel better”. And no, you can’t say, “Well making my mom proud makes me feel better!” Hahahahah that’s sneaky, but it’s not gonna help you expand! You need to feel good about your choices and steps for YOU, because they nourish, inspire, perk up and ignite something in your Soul…not anyone else’s. Things can look really weird to outside perspectives when we choose to live this way, but REALLY…these choices will get you further than any other type.

When we choose to do something to please someone else, the gain is very short term: we deplete ourSelves, ignore our Inner Voice, and end up breeding bitterness if it’s a long enough commitment. I am not saying don’t compromise, or that sometimes we need to make a less-than-ideal choice to get us out of a very uncomfortable circumstance, but we can Consciously choose to see this as a stepping-stone, and to know that it IS indeed nourishing us, as we find our way.

Example: Taking a job you don’t like, instead of waiting for your dream job. This is a tricky subject but here it is: I feel that if you are worried about money coming in, then money won’t come in. If you can do something not-awesome to have money coming in, consistently, and leave the drama and politics and smallness of it AT WORK when you are done, then you should do it. If it will pay the bills and keep you afloat, and NOT sap your energy and prevent you from making other plans, do it. Do it, and in every spare moment you have, plan the next deeply-awesome thing. Build your website, gather materials, find investors, search for real estate, draw up business plans (if that’s your thing…I hate them, so I ignore them as much as I can). Do what feels GREAT! And guess what…an open door WILL come.

IF, however, you are moping about this job, and letting it kill you slowly, and wishing your life away for something better, get the hell out.

OK? Go sort that out for yourSelf.

5. Let go of the people and places and things that don’t support you. This can be tough. I have had friendships wither and die because I could feel that these people were not in alignment with what I was creating. It’s not a judgement about them, or me; it is just what happens when we are people near each other for long enough. We change. So instead of trying to force my beliefs or ways of Being on anyone, I just let them go. This isn’t to say I get mean or nasty, or even sit down and have a break up chat…I just let the momentum of the friendship or relationship run out. How? By not giving it active attention or action: I don’t get in touch. I don’t go out of my way to make plans. I don’t email. I don’t seek their opinion. I don’t speak about them with others, and if asked, I say, “Well we were really close, and then life happened. No biggie. I wish them well. Maybe one day, we will come together again.”

And that’s that.

I hope this list helps you Expand. It’s spring! It’s TIME to grow and shed and move forward.

I love you.