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Discovering Divinity in the Profane


Namaste Dear Readers!

A bit of a personal share today:

Recently, I moved to an apartment in an old, wonderfully quirky building.  The architectural details are lovely, the ceilings are high, and I find myself bathing in the depths of a claw-foot tub (which is a direct product of my Own Manifestation, thank you very much!).  There are new appliances; I get to cook with gas instead of electric (which I LOVE), and the amount of windows in this place keeps the Prana completely gorgeous, even on the most cloudy of days.

There is, however, no dishwasher.  At first, I felt the weight of being tied to a daily routine of needing to do dishes, and it felt heavy, and a bit slimy, and not fun at all.  

Then, there was a shift.  Somewhere after the first week or two, I started to really enjoy the entire process: hot sudsy water,  pre-rinsing with cold water so I don’t use as much hot, the emergence of sparkling clean dishes, the feeling of hot water through rubber gloves.  There is magic in the dishes!  And so I started to think of my dishes routine as “the Dharma of Dishes”…yes, silly, I know, but I live my life in silly, and so I am not ashamed to share with you. The notion started to expand itself…I find now that there is Divine Consciousness in EVERY chore I do, and I cannot say I don’t like them!

“Dharma” is a term meaning “life’s work” in the Yogic vocabulary.  It’s not simply your profession, or the roles you play in your day-to-day, it’s actually your Life’s Purpose.  I happen to be Awake to my Dharma, due to some lovely work I did during the previous Huge Transition of my life, and having an understanding of the Current of my life gives me a sense of Community, and Offering, and Safety.  I know, of course, that nothing is for certain, that things can (and do) always change, but this Dharma can look any way I want it to, any way it needs to, in order to be fulfilled in this Lifetime. I don’t attach to the Dharma itself, but rather, use it as a jumping-off point, to understand the flavor my life contains.

This idea of the “Dharma of the Profane” is now something that I live on a daily basis.  Making the bed, cleaning the counters, sweeping floors, making beautiful food, doing pranayama (or any Practices), bathing myself, cleaning my space…all contribute to my nourishing and honoring the Divine within me, within us all.  I find that as I do the nourishing of myself, I can more easily nourish others.  I find that when I cultivate “Conscious Selfishness” (meaning, taking care of mySELF first, and then taking care of others), my work is grounded in Consciousness, in Source, and it feels GOOD to give!  It actually SUSTAINS me to serve others, when I am serving from this space of Awake.  

How brilliant!  How delicious! And of course, how humbling….

And so I pose the question to YOU: what does your daily practice of realizing your OWN Divinity look like?  What do you do every day, in any moment, that helps you come back to Center? Where ELSE in your life can you see It? These are not practices that we need deem Lofty, or time-consuming.  We can Awaken to EVERY MOMENT: and then, real magic happens, because we see that EVERYTHING around us is FULL of Divinity and Miracles.

Don’t believe in any sort of Divinity? OK!!  Where in your life do you connect with Consciousness, with Organizing, Innate Intelligence?  We don’t need to talk about “God” to make this real…”God” is simply another word for the thing that makes us breathe in and out.

Blessings and Brightness, as you unfold on Your Way


Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

6 thoughts on “Discovering Divinity in the Profane

  1. Nice post.
    I think that We can find Serenity and Conciousness not in the complex things but in the simple things as it happens to you by washing dishes. In my case, every time I cook for my boyfriend and I, I just feel really complete and connected with life. Everytime I clean my apartment I find myself not thinking in the outside world.
    My home is my “Dharma “and I keep it sacred.

    Congratulations on your new apartment, sounds very nice!

    • YES to both of you!! thank so much for resonating with this. i think we all feel moments of Divinity in the most mundane places, first, but sometimes we don’t recognize it as such. :)

  2. I connect best when I am doing something I truly love. Like taking the dog for a walk. Great post!

  3. I connect to Consciousness best when I am looking out of my window at the glorious multitude of colour in nature, and how it changes throughout the seasons; When I am caring and sharing with my partner and mother; reading my fave books; when doing Reiki healing; when working with LOA; when listening to my fave music; when walking through the valley, I could go on and on but I know I don’t need too ! Lovely post … it stimulated my mind, emotions and helped to bring me back into alignment. Thank so much for sharing.

  4. I connect best when I connect to another soul – it can be as simple as reading your post (which I really liked) and understanding another aspect of the other person or as deep as a soul connecting conversation about what is real and alive or transforming for them, or me. I think based on this post I will not look at dishes the same way again. Thanks and be blessed! ~ Barb

  5. Love in each moment. Seeing all things in small things. Good practice. Good post. Thank you.

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