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Mojito Smoothie Magic


Well well well…so you have been hemming and hawing, thinking that you won’t like smoothies?  That it’s too tricky?

Ahem.  See lovely-delicious-amazing example below.  Incidentally, mint grows wild in many places and is decidedly difficult to kill.  If you are looking to expand your green thumb but think it’s hopeless, I assure you: mint is the one thing you can grow. A lot.  So much, you might wonder what you were thinking.

Here is what you were thinking:

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Mojito Detox Smoothie (Sugar Free)

by BRITTANY on JUNE 9, 2012

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I’m detoxing, like crazy. Turns out for months (potentially even years) I have had Candida. It had to get really bad before it became painfully obvious what was going on. Its more than clear now why my blood sugar went buck wild, why digestive distress has been a constant battle, why my adrenals became so exhausted.  Finding the underlying cause of illness is so important.

A few friends suggested green juice and smoothies to me, as a way to encourage detoxification. I have never been a fan of either.. until now.

Turns out with the use of a little stevia and flavoring agents such as Lime and Mint that green can be REALLY good. I have enjoyed this smoothie for breakfast the past 3 mornings. I can’t get enough. Its filling thanks to the avocado, and it energizes me. Normally I depend on b vitamins to maintain my energy levels enough to get through the day, I have’t needed them.

Most smoothies are filled to the brim with all kinds of fruit. Fruit of course is healthy.. but for the candida ridden, adrenal fatigued, metabolic syndrome me.. fruit can ruin my day. Finding  a solution to making an indulgent smoothie without the sugar was exciting. Detoxing can be delicious.

Though even if you don’t need to detox, and you can have fruit.. I think you’ll enjoy this just the same.

Mojito Smoothie

5 Ice Cubes
1 Avocado (pitted and skin removed)
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
1 handful of fresh mint leaves
1 handful of soaked nuts (any variety)
Lime Juice to taste (1-3 TBS)
Stevia to taste 
pinch of sea salt.
Add- Water or Milk to gain desired thickness.

Combine all ingredients in blender. Taste test as you go.

Note: For those sensitive to nuts, they can be left out. They do not have to be soaked in order to blend. I just soak mine to increase their digestibility.  If you leave out the nuts, try using coconut milk or another type of milk instead of water.





Now, off you go to gather some mint, play with the recipe (I would add a dose of Aloe Juice,  or maybe some fruit instead of the Stevia, because I’m not wild about how Stevia tastes), and feel your body saying “Oh yummy! Oh healing!” (those were in a very happy voice, by the by).

Be well, Be full, and Be silly, for crying out loud!


Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

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  1. Just me….if applicable, please despam me….thanks so, so much for your help!
    Celeste :D

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