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Recipes, Remedies, Rituals and Resources for Sustaining, Manifesting and Transforming Self Care Practices


Enjoy this lovely post from SouLar Bliss on some lovely Self Care practices!!

Self care is our birthright !!!

It is giving ourselves space to name our physical, emotional, intellectual, work, relationship, financial and spiritual needs and engage in healthy practices that allow our needs to manifest in the best ways for us. Self care is giving ourselves permission to express our most authentic selves without judgement. It allows us to balance ourselves and our political work with integrity, care, healing and love. Our healing journey is an ever evolving path that shifts with time, space, memory and our rootedness to all of our different seasons. Self care, despite the definitions above and the myriad of definitions around us, is defined by you and by how you explore yourself and the spaces around you as a tool and guide for transformation and healing. It is also grounded in community that is receptive to all the positive possibilities that we are and celebrates the ever expansive unfolding that we share.

Every moment we choose to take care of ourselves and our communities is a revolutionary act, a break in cycles of violence and trauma harped upon our minds, bodies, spirits. It is a cause for celebration. A homecoming back to our sacred vessels. So pat yourself on the back for a minute if you have invested time to connect with and materialize your definition of self care.

Society’s oppressive agreements about “what self care is”, has constructed truths about ourselves based on pain, fear, judgement, restriction and disconnection. Reconnecting with the fluidity and expansive spectrum of our experience allows us to move back into a deeper connection with ourselves. How do we come back to the truth of who we are though? How do we engage with our most authentic selves in a real way? How do we awaken to our vast potential to heal and transform ourselves? The answers lie in the life long journey we nurture and the lessons that bloom along the way. And ooooooo chile im still trying to figure it all out!!!!

Lately, i’ve been thinking about my self care within three different, yet connected, realms. What I sustain, what I manifest and what I transform.

SUSTAIN….These are intentions I am currently putting into practice. Things that support the fullest expression of my authentic self that I’ve figured out how to incorporate into my life in a healthy way. These practices involve activities, habits, people, dreams, and truths, that feed and rejuvenate me and positively contribute to my health and sense of well-being.

MANIFEST….These are intentions that I want to welcome into my life. These might be completely new intentions or intentions that I’ve incorporated into my life in the past but now lay dormant and need to be revived.

TRANSFORM….These are things in my life that do not serve my wellness and wellbeing and create stress and burnout. Things I want to transform into spaces that support my growth, transformation and healing.

This week we will be exploring how we can SUSTAIN self care practices in our lives. In the following weeks, we will examine how we MANIFEST and TRANSFORM self care practices. 

Adopting healthy practices and spaces of wellness into our lives is one thing. Keeping it going on a consistent basis is a whole other storyl. Here are 10 recipes, remedies, rituals and resources that have helped me to SUSTAIN self care practices in my life.

  1. Celebrate yourself for incorporating something incredible in your life that supports your self care and healing. You are doing courageous, vulnerable and hard work. Give thanks to yourself for taking care of you in this way. Do a gratitude ritual. Celebrate with yourself and with community. Share what you have learned with others.
  2. Identify why you are sustaining self care practices in your life. Are your reasons rooted in your definition of self care or someone else’s? Are your reasons nurturing your ego or your spirit? Are your reasons TRUELY fulfilling you in the ways you need? Create a definition(s) of self care that works for you and your journey right now and identify what beliefs about self care inhibit or encourage your full participation in it.
  3. Build healthy communication with yourself. Observe, record, document what comes up for you as you sustain self-care practices in your life. Keep a journal. Take photos of your journey.  Your intuitive self gives you cues all the time about how you are doing and how it is impacting your sense of well being. Pay attention to the messages, listen to the lessons unfolding and identify how to incorporate them or release them. In addition, explore what your life looks like right now, what is in your environment that can help or prevent you in sustaining self care practices.
  4. Be clear about your needs and be open to how they will change as you sustain healing spaces in your life.
  5. Process your personal experience of seperation, pain, fear, limitation, and trauma. Celebrate all the ways you’ve grown from these spaces. Identify the patterns and triggers that have been birthed, nurture them, transform them into liberating capacities of freedom.
  6. Nature is an excellent model of sustainability. Spend some time in nature to remind your body, mind and spirit how to move with its own natural rhythms and to just BE.
  7. Seek the support and guidance of ancestors, elders, youth, and/or trusted friends and family. Put together a sustainability team that can cheer you on, hold you accountable and build you up on your journey. Make a list of folks that love and support you, place it somewhere you have access to frequently to remind you of the support system that lovingly holds you.
  8. Learn to say “NO” to things that get in the way of sustaining your vision of self care. Hold your vision sacred and protect it from haters and vampires who want to derail you.
  9. Create a visual representation of what you are sustaining. Put the visual image in a space or spaces that can remind you of your self care practices. Write down positive affirmations to read and/or listen to on a daily basis. Here are a few that have been helpful to me in our SouLar Bliss Playlist.
  10. When I think of sustainability, I think of my root chakra. My root chakra represents my base, my center of rootedness and groundedness, my will to survive, my connection to Earth and the energies that hold my sense of security. I like feeding my root chakra with root vegetable soupmuladhara smoothie, wearing bright red colors, and meditating with and preparing nurturing root chakra herbs like burdock root, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. I also like to use essential oils to balance my root chakra.
My self care practices need to be as specific as possible. Generalities always leave me running around in circles with a vague sense of direction. Something that’s been really helpful for me recently is to think about my life in essential categories: My physical wellness, my emotional wellness, my intellectual wellness, my work/livelihood wellness, my spiritual wellness, my relationship wellness, and my financial wellness.
I appreciate some of the definitions shared from the University of California Riverside and have incorporated a few of them into some my definitions.

Physical wellness
: our ability to nurture a healthy relationship with our physical bodies, our bones, cells, muscles, skin, and DNA. our ability to see the manifestations of our physical bodies as beautiful, valuable and sacred.

Emotional wellness
: our ability to have healthy relationships with our emotions and acknowledge and share our emotions with ourselves and others in a meaningful way.

Intellectual wellness
: our ability to expand our experiences and opportunities for growth. Our desire to learn, expand our skills and seek loving challenges that grow us into the next level of existence.

Work/livelihood wellness
: our ability to nurture personal fulfillment from our chosen jobs or Divine paths while still maintaining balance in our lives. Our ability to use our jobs and spaces of livelihood as catalysts for change in our lives, our communities and in our society.

Spiritual wellness
: our ability to nurture a healthy relationship with our purpose in life. Our connection to a Higher power. The ability to establish a sense of peace, harmony and balance in our lives. The recognition of that which holds us together.

Relationship wellness
: our ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves, partners, lovers, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, chosen family and blood family.

Financial wellness
: our ability to work from a space of abundance rather than scarcity. Our ability to have a healthy relationship with money and be comfortable with how money moves in and out of our lives.
This is in no way an exhaustive list but certainly an evolving one. In this season in my life, these are the categories that are most pressing. So as I look at what I am sustaining, I reflect on each of these categories and identify what and how I’ve been sustaining self care and healing within each of these areas.
As you reflect on you sustain self care in your life, be compassionate with yourself. This process of reflection will bring up habits and patterns that you’ve used for quite some time and ask you to release that which serves you no longer. As you identify and incorporate new ideas, patterns, habits, rituals into your life, there are moments when you might revert back to past ways of being…..and THATS OK…be aware of it, learn from it and get back on track. It takes time to incorporate newness into your life. Try to take on thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to accomplish everything in an unrealistic amount of time. Your process is your own. Move at a pace that feels health for you. Be good to yourself each step of the way. Use each moment as a learning opportunity and another chance for you to move toward the healing and transformative space you want to be in.May you continue to awaken to the vast potentials of your existence. May you bring healing and integration to yourself and may this courageous act ripple out to all of humanity. May it be celebrated in fullness. May you embody and be grounded by the consciousness of love and compassion. Ashe!!
Blessings and Self Care in Abundance!

Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

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