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After You Process

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Namaste Dear Balanced Souls!

On this blog, we focus a LOT on the actual Process of living a full, delicious life.  I give you Tools, and ideas, tidbits to whet your appetite so that when you come across Something Significant, you can engage with it, rather than being controlled or bowled over entirely.  Whatever you want from Life, I want to give you ways to find it!

I haven’t, I recently realized, given you ideas about what to do after a Big Thing happens. Major shifts require LOTS of energy, and maybe other people being involved.  Stuff gets stirred up, or tossed about, or maybe, nothing changes PHYSICALLY, but when  you walk into the room where all the work was done, you can feel it lingering around energetically.

Enter: the Awesomeness of Sage Smudging.


Have we chatted about sage, more than just in passing?  I don’t really believe we have.  Regardless, it’s SUCH a valuable, available tool, we are going to talk about it again!

So first, let’s talk about WHY and WHEN to smudge your space with sage:

Sage is best used to remove old, stagnant, heavy energy.  Energy that is hanging out after an argument, after you’ve done a good bit of crying, somewhere you sit or lie a lot (like your computer space, or creative space, and even your bed). Our energy accumulates in these places and maybe we don’t even notice: the comfy chair we fall into at the end of the day can actually HOLD a feeling of depletion, or frustration with work.  This is a GREAT place to smudge, and you can do it as often as you like!  Heavily trafficked areas that have people expressing suffering (think, a therapist’s office) can be smudged daily to cleanse the space and not let negativity stay hanging around.  I like to smudge weekly.  I don’t need much, because it’s an upkeep at this point, but my first smudge session was extensive.

Which brings us to prep:  you want to take down smoke detectors or cover them with plastic bags taped around them.  I have set off many a smoke alarm while smudging.  It messes with the vibe you’re trying for, in a big way.  You will also want to close all windows and doors to the outside so that you can see which way the smoke is moving. Open cabinet and closet doors while you’re at it, so that you can get into all the nooks and crannies where old stuff might be hiding.  By the by, this is a great idea to do when you are moving, BEFORE all your stuff is unpacked.  Smudge your new space to get rid of the old tenants’ energies.

What are we burning?  Well white sage is a common favorite for sure.  I actually love the smell of it…some people don’t.  You can also burn cedar, which is especially good to release ancestral energy.  Some have told me that they find sage doesn’t do the job, doesn’t clear deeply enough; and they like cedar more. You can find wands already wrapped in Whole Foods and other natural foods stores, and usually wherever you can find incense.  Make sure as well, that you have something to put the wand OUT in (like sand, rice, or just water), and something to hold the wand ABOVE to catch ashes and bits that are flaming.  We don’t want to burn the place up, loves!

And now, HOW do we smudge?  Well, start by setting your Intention: “I ask that I and this space be cleared and purified of all negative energy and emotions as I  perform this ritual.”  You can also ask for blessings of peace, love, protection, or healing.

Then, starting at a doorway and working all the way up to ceiling and down to floor, create smoke by shaking the wand, and move in clockwise circles.  Some say to watch the direction the smoke is moving at the doorway (to the right, start to your right, and vice versa to the left).  I don’t know if it matters!  I only know that intention is KEY, and to be thorough when you are trying to cleanse a space, because the energy can move and accumulate in little pockets in corners and crannies.

If you don’t want to do an entire room, I like to light just a few leaves and use a clay bowl or piece of pottery and make small clockwise circles clearing the space out.

Regardless of the scale of your smudge, when you are finished, thank Whoever you asked for help, and release the Intention.  Open things up, and let the smoke leave the space and get some fresh air.

This is one nice guide, with more ideas on what we can burn while smudging, and here is another one, slightly different but another good basic guide.


And what else can you do in your recovery period?   I find that THIS is the time, the time when I am already feeling better, to have a nice bit of ice cream or a bit if indulgence.  Not to make me feel better, but to say, “Hey! Good work on that!  I deserve a treat!!” You may want to talk about it, but even better: go read a book that has nothing to do with what you were dealing with.  Or watch an animated movie.  Just let it go, and let your brain have a break.  You might want to work out…but be extra gentle, if you do.  Releasing feels awesome, but you were just under a lot of stress and now you can heal it and let it go.  Take a bath, wear comfy clothes, turtle or go dancing!

So there you have it, Lovelies.  I hope some of these Tools help you pick up the pieces you so carefully examine and work with.  Gorgeous process…never ends!!





Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

One thought on “After You Process

  1. love smudging with sage. I grow my own and dry it…always have them around. And when I travel (like to India), or even go for an overnight visit to one of my kids or friends, I take one with me and if I feel the need (which I usually do), I quickly do the room I will be sleeping in. In India, I smudge all the places I will be spending time, sometimes bringing strange looks, but once I explain, nods of approval! :-)
    with love light and JOY

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