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The Most Important Step


well, for me…the most important step in both Balancing my Soul, and manifesting my goals and desires, has been Guided Meditation work.

Let me be clear: I do a LOT to take care of mySelf, my thoughts, my relationships…I live a life that is a constant discovery of new ways to Fall in Love  with mySelf, because when I DO that, when I AM that Love, everything is open, ease-Full and flowing.  Life is simpler when I rest in Love.

For years, I did affirmations, visualizations, meditation work, breath work, yoga….I journal, I paint, I knit, I cook…everything I do, and did, was an offering from my heart.  Despite all of my good work, I would still get extremely intolerant and impatient when stressed out.  I would let stress, and anxiety, just take me over.  I would lash out at loved ones, I would judge harshly, and I was never quiet about it.

And then, I found Kelly Howell’s work, and started to do it, just about every day.  I found her stuff on youtube, and I would pick one meditation and just do it, over and over again.  And you know what? Doors opened for me.  I started to change how I dealt with stress, and anxiety.  I stopped lashing out (as often) and started cultivating real Tolerance.  I started to just be more loving.  I had thought that I had all my bases covered, but deep within my consciousness, I held limiting beliefs about mySelf and what I deserved from life.

This post is not an ad for Kelly’s work.  I don’t even think she knows I exist.  If you want to go poke around youtube and find her, I advise it.  Even more so, I would urge you to invest in her work so she gets paid! And if she isn’t your cup of tea, find another way to start shifting your DEEPEST thought patterns and feeling patterns.

We need to shift to feeling Worthy, Blessed, Abundant, and full of Life and Love.  Kelly’s meditations do that for me, but her’s is not the only work!  I would STRONGLY say, that if you do ONE thing for yourSelf (outside of starting to add kale to your smoothies), do this: find a way to start changing your deep-down thought patterns.  You can do this by writing a gratitude journal, by recording affirmations about self-worth, self-love and the like, and listening to it before you sleep, or simply getting very relaxed and then visualizing all of your ideals coming into reality. 

So when you start to do this work, the first thing you need is patience, which I am probably the last person in the world to lecture anyone on…but it’s just true.  Cultivate patience, and add a dash of faith.  You have to KNOW, not just BELIEVE, that this work is making a difference.

Then, and here is the REALLY big part that stops a lot of us, you need to take action.  You need to make a list of things that need to happen in order for your dreams to come true.  Break each thing down into reasonable steps, until “take a shower” is on your list, and you can count it! Phone calls that you need to make, research that needs to be done, money that needs to be found…break it all down, until it’s a very small step that feels OK.  The small steps count just as much as the big ones, maybe even more so…because each step is getting you closer.  And don’t go thinking about several steps ahead of where you are RIGHT NOW: just make the ONE phone call and see where it leads.  Just find 2 or 3 sources of information online.  Every step you take is an affirmation that the universe responds to.  Celebrate the successes and learn from the failures, and KEEP working.

And I swear, you will be AMAZED at how quickly things start Going Well.

Oh, and if you’re working on manifesting something that you don’t actually want, like trying to make a crappy job work, or an unhealthy relationship balanced, well the universe is going to keep on pushing you away from that, because it feels the RESISTANCE in your core.  When you REALLY know that something is good for you, there IS no resistance, and the universe sees that and responds to that, too.

Maybe a really important step is being extremely honest with yourSelf first, about all those goals and dreams. Have they changed or shifted? Have you?

Namaste’ Sweet Ones,

Blessings and ease


Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

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