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Making Commitments


Namaste’ Lovely Balanced Souls!

I cannot believe it’s truly the end of 2012.  This past month has been a LOT of transition, releasing, opening and shifting for me, and I believe, for the planet (whether we notice it or not).

One thing that really struck me recently as a Beautiful way to honor ourSelves, our Journey, and the Shifting Times, is the process of Commitment-Making.  I liken this the Vows we take as well, but the word Commitment feels more appropriate to me, for some reason.  Chameli Ardagh at Awakening Women posted on Facebook awhile back her commitment to living presently, simply, in Love, and to not holding anything negative about anyone, ever.  I saw this status update and it really resonated with me.

I thought that I could easily add a Commitment section to my Daily Practice of writing Gratitudes and Prayers.  The Commitments that I make to mySelf, and the supporting Entities in my life, are then enforced by the strong vibration that I create as I journal of Gratitudes and Affirmations and Prayers.

Then I started writing all the things I wanted to commit to.  Oyoyoy.  Chameli’s example was so clear and concise, and here is my list…a page long, with way too many things floating around, deterring from the power of the Commitment itself.  So I sat with it, and crossed things out, and centered in on several (OK, four) Commitments that I now make daily.  These are statements that affirm my main goals, and re-focus my attention on how I am actually Living my Life every day.  The Commitments have a different flavor than Affirmations, because they dictate the Flavor, or the Mood, from which I am attracting and affirming all of my goals and whatnot.  When I know my Starting Point, which is what I commit to daily, the rest of manifesting and affirming becomes easier.

I am not a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions.  The phrase actually makes me want to say that I have a few, just so I can break them in around 72 hours post New Year’s Eve.  A Commitment, however, is something that I can renew and come back to, and it can change and grow as I do….the word Resolution seems so final to me, like it’s standing in judgement, waiting for me to fall short.

So I invite you….after all of this processing of the past month…including (if you are anything like me) the indulgences, the detoxes, the expressions of Creation and Stress…after all of that, I invite you to Look In and See: what lies Beneath it: what do you Commit yourSelf (your Beautiful, Amazing Self) to? What is your foundation, and where do you come back to, or start from? Can you clarify this Space? Can you simplify it?

Can you make it a daily or mostly-daily practice?

Do you want to?

How nice, to acknowledge where we Do and Do Not want to spend energy.  As always, maybe this Tool isn’t for you…but I offer it wholeheartedly, as it is helping me to change, shift, and stay Loose in all the whirlwind of the season.

Blessings, Rosy Cheeks, and Warm toes




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Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

3 thoughts on “Making Commitments

  1. I love the idea of Commitments instead of Resolutions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have nominated you for The Blog of the Year Award. Follow this link, follow the rules and enjoy!

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