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Sunday Musings and Bean Mash

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Hey Hey lovely Balanced Souls…

I am writing from the cozy quietness of a Sunday, happily full of a weekend of heavy food, sweet time with my Love, and the foggy air that blew in with warm(er) temperatures for a few days.

All this lovely grounding and fresh air has me waxing introspective, which I wanted to share with You.  This past week I experienced the physical effects of lapsing in my affirmation and gratitude practice, and a true Ebb in the Ebb and Flow consistent in the world of seeing patients and owning a business.

When I first opened, the Abundance of the Universe poured into my doors: new patients, busy and full schedules, and deep contentment.  I had a daily practice of affirming this flow and offering gratitude for it all.  When the holidays (especially the solstice) unfolded, all of my practices got quiet, passive, and turned inward and quiet.  I was no longer exuding energy and I didn’t want (particularly) new patients flooding into my doors.  And now I am noticing the echoes of that Inward Time.

My practice is in Ebb, which means more time for me personally, quieter mornings, and WAAAAY more time for affirming and offering gratitude for the Flow I know is already occurring on energetic levels.

This back-and-forth, busy-and-quiet flow is typical in a new practice, and that is something I Know and Respect, deeply.  The trick is to not attach negative reaction, Fear, or Anxiety when income wanes temporarily.  I think I am learning that we must not attach to either times of busy or of quiet, but rather understand and plan accordingly for each, Knowing that no matter what, It Will Change.

For me, owning this business is full of deep spiritual lessons, that I may have been showed before, but now (as I am the only employee at the moment), there is a magnifying glass on these lessons and my ability to learn them.  Can I Know, deep down within me, that the Ebb and Flow are both totally about what I am affirming and attracting while simultaneously not about me at all? Patients getting sick and cancelling appointments, patients getting better and not coming to the office as frequently: these are the natural progression of their lives, and don’t necessarily imply positive or negative about me. I cannot take credit for someone else’s healing, nor can I take credit when someone decides to cancel, or to NOT take responsibility for their journey and use me as a crutch.  I do my best to shed Light for patients, but the outcome and what they do with the Light are not mine to dictate.  Non-attachment to flow is a pretty lovely lesson.

I have also found profound discomfort in learning of details that I missed or overlooked when first starting, and having to get those things done ASAP.  That acronym, ASAP….bothers me.  As soon as possible? Well, but what if my priorities are different than (the proverbial) your’s? Does that mean that I can take my time and feel my way, or that I should assume that I am under your paradigm of “ASAP”? I know it’s the latter, and I find that more often than not, I am at odds with such dictation.  Ah, c’est la vie.  Seeing “weakness” or “mistake” is fine with me, and I know that each time I am being offered an opportunity to make mySelf better, to ensure the success of this Thing I am doing, but man-oh-man, was ego in check a fair bit this past week.  Humble is a good lesson, too.

And throughout all of this, I am in the midst of Unconditional, Sure Love….from my Family, dear Goddess Sisters, and HeartSpace Partner. How absolutely beautiful, to be found worthy of such loving arms and conversations, caresses and inquiries.  I know that we are all, of course, perfectly Worthy, but at the end of a week where you felt rather defeated most days, these safe spaces are incredible Blessings. I am worth Unconditional Love: a third lesson to learn.

And now for the Bean Mash!

my latest and greatest deliciousness that I wanted to share with you! I have been making this about twice a week for lunch or dinner lately, adding different spices, vegetables (or not) and being satisfied every darn time.

For either one HUGE serving that will leave you feeling like maybe you ate too much, or 2 smaller but happier servings, use:

1 can of pinto, black, or kidney beans

1/2 -3/4 cup salsa

a sprinkle of garlic powder and chili powder

and 1/4 cup or a few good scoops of sour cream or Greek yogurt: full fat!

Mash all that up in a warm pan so it’s not eating cold bean dip with chips.  You can add chopped avocado, tomatoes, scallions or black olives for extra goodness, as well as whatever other spices you think sound yummy!  This is the basic recipe that will get you fed and nourished in under 15 minutes.  Lots of protein, good fat and fiber :) To make it fancy, I suppose that you could layer the beans with the veggies, and maybe add some meat.  I never get that far. I dump it all in a bowl, and start scooping it with large chips!

Happy Sunday, Loves.  I hope it’s snuggly and sweet and that my lessons help shed Light on your Path.

Blessings and Ease,



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Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

One thought on “Sunday Musings and Bean Mash

  1. non-attachment to anything I (or you) define as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’…still a challenge for me although getting easier. I appreciate your musings today. Humble IS a great lesson. Seeing ALL as a BLESSING is a HUGE lesson…
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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