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Meditation Inspiration 4 of 4

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And here is the last of the meditation inspiration posts that I am doing this time around.  Maybe at some point in the future I will revisit this topic with more ideas and explorations that we can try together, but for right now I hope these tools I have presented have ignited your appetite and expanded your appreciation for how powerful these practices can be, and for yourSelf: for PARTICIPATING!


And so we end with a traditional Metta Meditation technique, which I personally love, because of the feeling of Universal Love and compassion that it fosters in me.  It is a way to use meditation to make me better for the world, and in my own life, immediately.

I will let the technique speak for itself, but you can learn more about Metta Meditation here.

How to Do Metta Meditation

You can do this easy meditation technique as you read the instructions below. It should take no more than 15 minutes.

Sit comfortably upright but not rigid in your chair- away from the backrest if you can. You need to be close enough to the computer screen so you can easily read

Now place your attention on your breathing. Follow the air flowing through your nostrils right into your lungs. Do this for a few breaths….

Next place your attention in the center of your chest -around your heart. Rest here for a few minutes…

Now recall a time when you felt loved. Unconditionally. Recall how this felt and rest with this feeling. If you can’t remember such an experience then just imagine receiving unconditional love. It works just as well. Rest with this feeling for a few minutes….

Next say these words in your mind…

May I be happy
May I be well
May I be at peace

Next think of someone you love. Someone very close to you. Then say to yourself…

May he/she be happy
May he/she be well
May he/she be at peace

Next picture someone you feel neutral about.

May he/she be happy
May he/she be well
May he she be at peace

Now someone you dislike. But not too much!

May he/she be happy
May he/she be well
May he/she be at peace

Then allow this feeling to radiate out further

To anyone in the room with you….

May they be happy
May they be well
May they be at peace

To everyone in your building, suburb, county or state…

May they be happy
May they be well
May they be at peace

… and finally to everyone and everything in the world

May they be happy
May they be well
May they be at peace

Now just sit and be still for a few minutes. Rest in any feelings of loving-kindness that you feel.

Then just allow yourself to feel little gratitude. No need to force it. Allow that feeling of gratitude to expand…… to slowly fill up your whole body….the whole room….the county…..the world…the universe.






Author: robindrury

Dr. Robin is a chiropractor in Leominster, Massachusetts. She practices Applied Kinesiology, and helps people who want more health and vitality than they currently are living with. Go to for more information!

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